The Studio

When state of the art equipment meets functionality, anything is possible. 


Comfort & Fame offers clients a creative workspace and the freedom to craft their images into a visual masterpiece.

Our suite is located inside The Strangelove Studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg ensuring we can service clients needs in both cities with ease.

Comfort & Fame is proud and excited to announce that we are branching out globally with digital colorist Fran Verveckken and the new suite in Antwerp Belgium equipped to craft beautiful images this November 2020.






Nic began his career in colour grading in 2004. Since then he has moved from strength to strength fast becoming one of South Africa’s top commercial colourist.

Coming from a film background Nic believes that in the digital arena one must still be fastidious and disciplined, time must be devoted to professional colour grading ensuring an enhancement in the viewers experience.

In 2015, Nic opened Comfort and Fame, a boutique colour grading studio based in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Using his creative eye Nic prides himself in his work and his ability to craft beautiful images from any form of acquisition. 

Nic Apostoli - Digital Colourist

colorist cape town south africa

Fran Verveckken - Digital Colourist


Fran began her career in colour grading in Cape Town, South Africa in 2013 and has colour graded for over 7 years. Having recently moved to Belgium she will be heading the Comfort & Fame studio in Antwerp.

Passionate about her craft, Fran has mastered the art of digital colouring, and has had the privilege of further exploring and developing her skills in the field, collaborating with diversely talented and creative individuals from commercials to feature films and documentaries.

Fran makes chroma blush using the endless creative tools and techniques from Da Vinci Resolve. Her keen eye for colour, attention to detail and easy-going nature guarantee a fruitful collaboration with her clients.